Crystal Therapy

amethyst CrystalThe practice of crystal therapy has been around for centuries. Every major civilization has used stones or crystals on their healing process. As time has passed, the use of crystal healing has faded, but the powerful healing properties of crystal therapy has not changed.

Each of us are coming here for our own reason. Some of us may be experiencing physical pain; the throb of a tight muscle, the burn of an ulcer, or the splitting pain from a migraine. Others may be joining us to help with emotional pain; the ache from loss of a loved one, the pressure of being overwhelmed by the burdened of a busy life, or the daily hurt of depression. For your own reason, you have been lead to learn about the benefits of crystal therapy and how it can bring a change in your life.

What is Crystal Therapy?

Crystal Therapy Crystal therapy is an alternative medicine that uses crystals to facilitate natural healing of the body and mind. Each crystal has its own unique healing properties based on the energy or vibrations it both attracts and releases. These differences are largely due to the uniqueness in the molecular structure of each type of crystal.

Crystal therapy is the process of utilizing the proper crystal to bring in or draw out certain energies that are contained within your body. Many times these healing techniques are used in conjunction with the seven energy centers or chakras within the body. Being that the human body works, responds and reacts to energy impulses originating from the brain and traveling through the body we have the ability to alter these energy impulses, safely and naturally, through crystal therapy. This is not meant to be a replacement for your current medical plan, either physically or mentally. Crystal therapy is a holistic self-administered plan to improve how your body heals itself.

What Do the Crystals Actually Do?

The specific crystals used in crystal therapy, do not heal you. This is a common misconception. The crystals serve as an aid to help your body heal itself. The crystals help regulate and adjust the energy pulses naturally contained within your body. By reprogramming your body to send more energy to needed areas and regulate the way energy is received within the body, your body will adapt to be healthier and more efficient.

Each crystal contains its own unique energy signature, however particular crystals such as quartz emit energy at the same pulse of resonance as the human body. This allows energy to flow more freely between the crystal and the body allowing you to direct concentrated energy to particular areas.

Different Type of Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy through Laying on of Stones-

Laying on of stones is the most common and oldest known practice of Crystal Therapy. Specially chosen crystals are arranged on the body to emit particular impulses or absorb precise energy frequencies. Learn more about Laying on of Stones

Chakra Crystal Therapy-

chakra crystal healingUsing crystals in conjunction with the chakras or energy centers of the body is one of the most popular form of crystal therapy practiced in modern times. Crystals are chosen for how they will respond to the seven energy centers of the body and oftentimes placed on or around that area. There are commonly used crystals that correspond with the chakras. Learn more about Chakra Crystal Therapy.

Crystal Sonic Therapy-

Crystal Sonic TherapyUnlike the other typed of crystal therapy; crystal sonic, or sound, therapy relies on the frequencies emitted from crystal singing bowls. As the calibrated tones reverberate they are absorbed by the mind and body of those present. This practice is said to clear energy passageways and still the mind. Learn more about Crystal Sonic Therapy.