Chakra Crystal Therapy

Using crystals in conjunction with the chakras or energy centers of the body is one of the most popular form of crystal therapy practiced in modern times. Crystals are chosen for how they will respond to the seven energy centers of the body and oftentimes placed on or around that area. There are commonly used crystals that correspond with the chakras.


What is Chakra Crystal Therapy?

Male and Female ChakrasChakra Crystal Therapy is the practice of using the healing power of crystals in conjunction with the seven main energy centers of the body, known as the chakras. Crystals have the ability to draw particular types of energy to the specific chakra being targeted, allowing the chakra to be cleansed, energized, strengthened, or adjusted.


Chakras in Brief

Root Chakra

IG Root Chakra Controls- Physical and Emotional Stability

 Location-Base of the spin

Color- Red or Black

Example Stone: Smoky Quartz


Sacral Chakra

IG Sacral ChakraControls- Sexuality, Pleasure  

Location- Bellow the belly button

Color- Orange or Blue-Green

Example Stone- Orange Calcite 


Solar Plexus

IG Solar Plexus ChakraControls- Self-Esteem 

Location- Directly above the belly button, bellow to rib cage

Color- Yellow

Example Stone- Citrine 



IG Heart ChakraControls- Emotions

Location- Center of chest

Color- Green or Pink

Example Stone- Jade



IG Throat ChakraControls- Communication

Location- Throat

Color- Blue

Example Stone- Sodalite


Third Eye

IG Third Eye ChakraControls- Insight, Thought, Imagination

Location- Center of forehead, right above eyes

Color- Indigo 

Example Stone- Azurite



IG Crown ChakraControls- Spirit, Higher Understanding

Location- Very top of head

Color- Violet or Pale Golden

Example Stone- White Calcite


History of Chakra Crystal Therapy

The concept of Chakras has been around for thousands of years and have appeared in multiple cultures and religions. The widest known applications are those found in tantric and yogic practices of Hinduism and Buddhism.

The Chakra system that is most frequently used in Western culture is based on the Hindu seven Chakra system. The translation of two Indian texts in 1927 to English, made this ancient practice the most prevalently known.

The introduction of crystals into Chakra Therapy, came about as practitioners observed the increased benefits of pairing chakras with corresponding colored stones, and the energy benefits were late discovered.

The Basics of Chakra Crystal Therapy

7-main-Chakras-illustrated-by-Gil-DekelEach of the chakras within your body have a unique energy signature and a unique color that it responds best to. Similarly, crystals have a unique energy signature and an obvious color. By combining the inner power of your chakras with the power of corresponding crystals, you have the ability to improve how your body and mind function.

It helps if you see your chakras like rechargeable batteries. Sometimes you chakras will recharge themselves, other times they need a small jumpstart, and some days they need a full recharge. Crystals provide the energy boost your body needs.

To practice Chakra Crystal Therapy properly, you need to be aware of your chakras and how they are impacting your life. If you are unaware of your Chakras, I recommend using a guided Chakra meditation to familiarize yourself and observe which aspects of your life and your body feel sluggish, seem to be lacking or feel like they can use improvement.

Once you have identified the Chakra you would like to use Crystal Therapy to improve, identify a corresponding stone. For example, if I was experiencing writer’s block, I would select a Lapis Lazuli crystal, which is a deep indigo color ideal for connecting with my Third Eye. I may choose to wear this crystal on my person or to do Third Eye Chakra meditation with this crystal resting on my forehead.

Practical Application of Chakra Crystal Therapy

Chakra Crystal Therapy to Improve Self-Esteem and Communication

Timothy wanted a raise at his job, but he didn’t feel confident enough to approach his boss. He understood that this was tied to energy blockages in his Solar Plexus and Throat Chakras. His Solar Plexus represents his self-confidence and inner strength he needed to be able to approach his boss and the confidence he needed to know he deserved a raise. The Throat Chakra needed to be recharged to give him the ability to communicate the reasons he is deserving of a raise.

He selected a citrine crystal one inch by three inches to target his Solar Plexus and a smaller one inch by one inch sodalite crystal for his throat chakra. Timothy setup a routine to help him focus on energizing his chakras, it consisted of 30 minutes of meditation while laying down with the crystals lain on their corresponding chakras. He performed this meditation for one month, until he felt the confidence and the ability to ask for a raise.