Crystal Healing Stones

There are a plethora of crystals with healing properties. For now we are going to focus on some of the most common crystal stones used for healing with crystal therapy. The crystals chosen for this section are both abundant enough to make acquiring them easy and prevalent enough to keep their cost reasonable.


amethyst CrystalAmethyst is a soothing stone, with widespread use as a crystal healing stone. It can be used in direct contact with the body or used to bring pace to an entire room.

 Crystal Therapy Uses: Purification, Stress Elimination, Sleep

 Color: Purple

 Chaka: Crown Chakra

 Common Country of Origin: Brazil, Zambia

Rose Quartz

rose-quartz-422715_1280Many people feel at peace simply by being in the presence of a Rose Quartz crystal.

 Crystal Therapy Uses: Depression, Infertility, Migraines

 Color: Pink

 Chakra: Heart

 Common Country of Origin: Brazil, Madagascar, India


Clear Quartz

clear quartz Clear Quartz is the most common of the crystal healing stones and known as one of the most powerful. Because of his it makes an ideal directional stone to help guide and activate or a personal stone where you form a connection with the crystal.

 Crystal Therapy Uses: Immune System, Emotional Balance, Pain, All-Around Wellbeing

 Color: Clear

 Chakra: Crown Chakra, but energizes All

 Common Country of Origin: Brazil, China, Russia

Smokey Quartz

 Smokey Quartz is a Crystal Healing Stone which possesses and emits a large amount of energy.

 Crystal Therapy Uses: Joint Pain, Cleansing, Headaches

 Color: Brown, Black and Brown

 Chakra: Root and Soler Plexus Chakras

 Common Country of Origin: Brazil


 This is an ideal crystal to use in smaller sizes because of its many benefits to the area around the face.

 Crystal Therapy Uses: Mental Clarity, Sinuses, Muscle Spasms

 Color: Indigo or Blue

 Chakra: Third Eye Chakra

 Common Country of Origin: Mexico, Russia


Tigers Eye

 Tigers Eye is seen as a very earthy stone. Because of this it serves as an ideal grounding stone.

 Crystal Therapy Uses: Physical Abilities, Fertility, Mental Disorders

 Color: Brown and Gold

 Chakra:  Sacral Chakra

 Common Country of Origin: Brazil, Namibia


 The iridescent colors of the labraorite make it as popular of a home decoration as it is a healing stone.

 Crystal Therapy Uses: Eyes, Metabolism, Addiction

 Color: Blue, Green and Gold

 Chakra: Third Eye Chakra

 Common Country of Origin: Canada, Russia


Lapis Lazuli

 The rich color of Lapis Lazuli makes it a popular crystal healing stone. Because of its royal coloration of deep blue with gold striations, it has been used for everything from jewelry and religious adornments.

 Crystal Therapy Uses: Anxiety, Communication, Pregnancy and Labor

 Color: Blue, and Gold

 Chakra: Throat Chakra

 Common Country of Origin: Pakistan, India



calcite healing Calcite is a very versatile crystal healing stone. It comes in many color varieties and possesses strong cleansing properties making it an ideal chakra cleansing.

 Crystal Therapy Uses: Bones, Teeth, Memory, Absorption

 Color: Multiple

 Chakra: All, Dependent on Color

 Common Country of Origin: Brazil, India


The deep red color of garnet allows it to easily penetrate the Root Chakra.

 Crystal Therapy Uses: Blood Flow, Menopause, Fatigue, Impotence

 Color: Deep Red

 Chakra: Root Chakra

 Common Country of Origin: Brazil