Crystal Properties for Healing

The Basics of Crystal Properties

Each crystal has its own unique ability to heal the body. To optimize your experiences with crystal therapy, it is vital that you understand the crystals in which you select or healing purposes.

When searching for a diamond, you look for the “Four C’s” Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. When looking at the properties of crystals, we are going to look for similar characteristics of Shape, Structure, Color, and Size.

Crystal Shape

pyrite crystal propertiesCrystals have a unique shape which is determined by their molecular structure and how they were formed beneath the earth. As a crystal forms, their molecular sequence repeats itself resulting in a similar shape despite the size of the stone. Other crystals will have a very small crystal shape, simply giving it the appearance or a rough stone with small peeks. This is a feature to look for when determining the authenticity of a crystal. Unfortunately, some practitioners of crystal healing prefer to use what is known as a palm stone, or a rounded and polished crystal. A palm stone works wonderfully for massage; however, its smoothed surface makes it more difficult to differentiate between stones.


Crystal Structure

clear quartzWhen discussing the actual structure of the crystal, we are looking at how many terminals or naturally accruing points a crystal or crystal cluster has. Not all crystals have terminal points, but this will apply to enough crystals that it is defiantly worth taking note of. Many healers feel that the terminals of crystals are where the most concentration of energy is emitted from and also that the points serve have directional properties.

Crystals with one terminal point are very common. This comes from a large crystal forming in a crystal cluster and breaking off (or being broken off) at the base. This structure is ideal for healing practices which rely on direction, but can be used in nearly every form of crystal healing.

Crystals with two terminal points are less frequent to encounter naturally; however, they are seen as less adulterated. For a crystal to have two points the crystal was not broken off from its base, thus it contains all of the energy meant for that crystal. Because of the two terminal, this structure of crystal is ideal for transferring energy both in and out of the body.

Clusters of crystals are where multiple crystals are connected at the same base. This is the optimum structure for dispersing energy through an area or over the body. Clusters of crystals also serve as a way to draw energy in to the body from the surrounding area or the sun.


Crystal Color

crystal colorThe color of crystals can vary greatly even within the same family. This can be attribute to multiple factors when the crystal was formed including, but not limited to the temperature in which the stone was formed, the metallic composition and density, and pressure in which the crystal was under at the time. Crystals that possess a vibrant color serve their own purpose, just as those with a muted color. This does not make a crystal better or worse, just appropriate for different healing techniques. When working with chakra crystal healing, a vibrant stone will target the chakra more intensely and directly. While a muted stone can be used to make slower or more gradual adjustments.

When purchasing crystals, it is very important to pay attention to the color of the stones you select to see if it is the crystals natural color or if the stone has been dyed to imitate a crystal that it is not. Aside from dying crystals to alter their color, unreputable sellers will heat treat less valuable crystals to make them imitate their more valuable counterparts.

Crystal Size

As with anything there is an appropriate tool or each job. With this said, there is an appropriate size crystal or each healing practice. For healing purposes, no crystal smaller than a quarter is typically recommended. There is not a maximum size as to what is effective, but as a rule of thumb do not select a crystal that is uncomfortable for you to handle, simply because this will increase frustration.

When selecting a crystal, have an idea of your intended purpose and select a size that is appropriate. For crystal healing that involves laying on of stones on the area of the face you are going to want to select a crystal that is smaller and of a comfortable weight. For healing back pain a longer, heavier crystal would be appropriate.

Lager crystals do produce more prominent electrical impulses, which can penetrate deeper into the body.