Crystal Sonic Therapy

Unlike the other types of crystal therapy; crystal sonic, or sound, therapy relies on the frequencies emitted from crystal singing bowls. As the calibrated tones reverberate they are absorbed by the mind and body of those present. This practice is said to clear energy passageways and still the mind.

What is Crystal Sonic Therapy?

Crystal Sonic Therapy is a treatment that utilizes sound waves emitted from “playing” specializes crystal bowls, to heal the mind and body. The crystal bowls are specifically designed to produce frequencies that target a desired response in the brain. The key to their enhanced effectiveness, compared to other types of sound therapy, is the use of binaural tones. Binaural tones are sound waves that move at different frequencies and specifically targeted at different ears simultaneously.

 History of Crystal Sonic Therapy

Crystal Sonic TherapyIn its most basic form Crystal Sonic Therapy is sound therapy or the use of sounds to stimulate healing within the body. This practice has been documented in nearly every known civilization. Ancient Greeks used sound to cure diseases and remove toxins from the body. Plato and Aristotle, performed extensive research documenting the positive effects of sound on both the physical and mental states of those observed. Monks from Tibet to Rome have used sound to alter and control their how their mind and body react to pain, stress, and the desire for increased concentration.

The practice of “playing” bowls for healing purposes dates back to Tibetan Buddhist in 500 B.C. At the time, bowls were made out of metals and crystals. The practice grew to wider practice and spread west into Europe. While it was still used for meditative and healing purposes, the playing of crystal took on a life as entertainment in itself.

As Eastern healing practices gained popularity once again in Western culture, the practice of using sound therapy reemerged. In recent times, the use of sonic therapy has become more prevalent due to the increase in technology to test which sounds have the most effect on the body.

Utilizing Crystal Sonic Therapy

Crystal Sonic Therapy is actually a very complicated and scientific method to use. It is not impossible to administer to yourself, however, to see the desired healing results, it is recommended that you are properly and formally trained in using the crystal bowls. There are many courses available online or in-person as to how to perform crystal sonic therapy.

Depending on your location in the world, it may be a better option to go to a certified Crystal Sonic Therapist. They will be able to access your needs and determine which tones will be the most beneficial to improve your physical health and wellbeing. They will also develop a treatment program to encourage your long-term health.

When selecting a healer who specializes in Crystal Sonic Therapy, it is important to spend some time researching their reputation both as a person and as a business. Unfortunately, because of the recent increase in popularity of Crystal Sonic Therapy, some healers who specialize in sound therapy have begun to rebrand their practice to capitalize on the expanding market, even though they are not qualified to practice as a Crystal Sonic Therapist.

In the same manner, if you are looking to be trained as a Crystal Sonic Therapist, you need to do through research on the credentials of those teaching you. Once you begin learning the art you will need quality crystal bowls that are perfectly tuned for these purposes.