Crystal Therapy through Laying on of Stones

What is Laying on of Stones for Crystal Therapy?

purpurit-341399_1280Simply put, it is just as it sounds. Crystals are laid upon the body on the target area or in their corresponding reflex or pressure points. The energy from the crystals have been shown to penetrate the skin up to three inches, emitting the most energy at surface level. For maximum effectiveness, it is best to place crystals directly on the skin, not through a barrier of clothing.

The History of Laying on of Stones

The practice of laying on of stones is one of the oldest documented types of crystal therapy. The uses through the years have ranged from warding off evil spirits to increasing the healing times if wounds. In North America, Hopi Laying on of StonesIndian Shaman would apply crystals and various stones to rid the members of the tribe of diseases. Ancient Egyptians would adorn both the living and the dead in crystals to increase their ability to communicate with the spiritual world.

As time has passed the popularity of laying on of stones has ebbed and waned. In modern times, the reemergence of crystals for healing purposes regained popularity with the increase of these involved in the New Age Movement, Neo-Paganism and Wiccan in the 1970’s. Because the faiths they were mainly associated with at the time were under attack in the 1980’s and early 90’s, the use of crystals for healing purposes was, as well.

The religious climate in the U.S. has become more relaxed since this time and we have begun to see a reemergence of the practice of laying on of stones. Along with a greater acceptance of the practice, there has been an increase in scientific research done on the healing power of crystals and the effects they have on the body.

Practical Application of Laying on of Stones for Crystal Therapy

Laying on of Stones for Arthritis

Donna has suffered from lower back pain for years, do to arthritis in the lower part of her spine. This has affected her mobility and her quality of life. Years of taking pills began to have negative side effects on other aspects of her health, so she sought out a more holistic approach.

Three times a week for an hour each, Donna lays down flat on her stomach in a quiet location. She places Quartz crystals in two lines on her back; one line on each side of her lower spin. Her reasoning for this pattern is to increase the transference of energy between the two lines of crystals, directing the maximum amount of energy through the arthritic area. This will increase blood flow to the damaged areas around her spine, brining healing white blood cells to the area and restoring mobility.

Donna knows that this is not a quick fix for her back pain; however, she keeps up with her routine of laying on of stones as a form of crystal therapy. Each week she is seeing incremental improvements in how she feels and her mobility. After four months of her crystal therapy routine, she feels that her improvement has reached a plateau. She decided to keep to her routine of laying on stones three times a week for an hour to maintain the increased quality of life she feels.

Laying on of Stones for Sinus Pressure and Sinusitis

crystals for sinusesTabitha had recently moved to the Midwest and was experiencing an abnormal amount of sinus headaches due to the environmental differences between Ohio and Arizona. Because Tabitha was pregnant, she tied to limit the amount of medicine she would pass in her blood stream to her child. Through some research she found that the best crystal for sinus issues was Halite. Halite is a type of salt crystal know to have antibacterial properties.

She decided on a routine in which she placed four Halite crystals on the areas of her face where she was feeling the most sinus pressure; above both of her eyebrows and on each of her cheeks angled between her nose and lower eye, for 10 minutes three times a day. For ten minutes she would lie comfortably in her bed with the crystals on her face, breathe deeply and focus on the areas the crystals were meant to heal. She was able to feel results within the first day.

For the relief of sinusitis and pressure the laying on of stones combined with warm moisture is a powerful combination.